Many states are in a sunset period for single wall underground storage tanks. As sunset periods draw to a close, facilities face difficult choices.  Removing non-compliant tanks and installing new ones can be prohibitively expensive. Completely replacing a single wall tank is not the optimal solution in many cases.

FBG Tank Services is a licensee for the application of Poly Lining Systems proprietary Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System. The Genesis System provides a cost effective retrofit that turns a single wall tank into a fully-functioning and compliant double wall tank with third-party tested interstitial monitoring. The Genesis System includes resin series specifically designed for application with steel UST's, fiberglass reinforced plastic USTs and aboveground storage tanks. Regulatory compliance is achieved by creating a monitorable, interstitial space between two layers of fiber reinforced resin laminates.

The Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System is compatible with:

  • petroleum fuels
  • alcohol blended petroleum fuels
  • alcohols
  • biodiesel
  • a multitude of petrochemical products

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